Minimalistic & Modern

This style of drapery offers a modern, minimalistic, clean and elegant appearance. Drapery panels attach via a snap-tape to the track, creating smooth, evenly spaced curves in the fabric and adds a very elegant look to any room. Depending on the fabric chosen it can transform the space into a minimalistic look, a very luxurious draped room or even a “beachy-chic” design. These tracks are durable, perfect for commercial spaces, easy to mount and un-mount for cleaning. Motorization available and suggested for high ceilings.

Classy and Accessorized

Drapery that is timeless, Pinch Pleat refers to the pleats in the top of the curtain the amount and style of the pleats is reflected by the fullness of your curtain. Pinch Pleated doesn’t have to be “traditional” unless that’s how you want it to be. Very modern pleating styles with modern fabrics make of this curtain style to not go out of fashion. Motorization available.